"We innately know that inside each of us are all the answers to our questions, if we only trust ourselves to ask. Your encouragement helps us open that door."   

Lisa Hopper

Anita Bakker
Coach - Facilitator - Learning Navigator

The continuous development of personal leadership qualities is the foundation for Anita's learning philosophy. She holds certification in Career Facilitation from Okanagan University College, and in Executive Coaching through the graduate program at Royal Roads University.  

Having held the position of President of the International Coach Federation - Okanagan Chapter, Anita is committed to the development of Coaches and to increasing the awareness of the Profession of Coaching and the powerful, positive impact it has on individuals, both personally and within organizations. 

From the perspective of both an employee and an entrepreneur, Anita brings business experience from government, health care, colleges, small business, and career development. Her background is rounded out through the wonderful learning that comes with raising a family with three wonderfully patient and forgiving adult children…a specialization that includes laughter, challenges, love and deep reflective learning.

As a life-long and continuous learner, Anita combines other diverse interests and studies with an intense curiosity and a deep respect for people. Creating a safe and open environment for unguarded and spontaneous communication, Anita has become highly skilled at aligning people's talents and deeply held values with systems and processes.

Anita has developed a natural systems perspective enhancing her abilities, knowledge and experience. With determination, commitment and enthusiasm, she is devoted to assisting people to know their purpose, see their vision, and stretch beyond, to achieve excellence both personally and professionally.

"It is my purpose and  passion to guide others in their journey to discover their own distinct and rich potential personally and professionally. While embracing laughter, levity and the joy of living, it is my promise to cultivate an energetic curiosity and awareness, and to help others increase capacity to manage creatively through change and challenges."

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