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Coaching Model

The Why of Coaching?

A coaching relationship gives you the greatest opportunity to learn directly from the circumstances, challenges, events and issues of your work and your life. You choose the focus, and through your coach, you will discuss and observe from multiple  perspectives, reflect on those observations, plan for growth and enhancement, then act appropriately to amplify positive results.  It's the "university of life"..."just in time" learning, but you don't have to leave to learn!

The What of Coaching?

A coach is a thinking partner;  one who questions and extracts your own ideas - ideas that you may have forgotten in the busy-ness of your life. The coach will question, examine, encourage and hold a mirror for you to see yourself from other perspectives.  And then the coach will challenge you to look at the world in new ways.   

In an ongoing partnership, a coach will help you define and design your values and goals, and then  help you work and live with greater purpose and balance. A coach will help you increase both productivity and quality of life.  

The How of Coaching...

Coaching can be done in person but telephone coaching relationships are cost effective and combine flexibility, efficiency and the advantage of total "innocence" from the influences of your environment.

The Who of Coaching?

A coaching relationship is for anyone committed to getting greater satisfaction and success, and people choose coaching to help them get greater results faster. 

Coaches know that their clients are productive high achievers that are "whole" and "healthy" and are ready for the greater rewards of deeper learning and living.  In coaching it is your agenda, for your needs, and confidentiality binds the relationship. The relationship is co-created to eliminate barriers for success through awareness, accountability and action to live and work by design, not by default.


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