Personal and Professional Development and Accountability

Engaging, entertaining and thought provoking workshops - and most of all action and success oriented, these sessions take participants to an "awakening" of their capabilities, their source of energy and a commitment to successful outcomes. 

  • Enhancing Team Relationship and Effectiveness
  • Communication Skills Awareness and Development
  • Conflict Management

Organizational Workshops on request, and tailored to the participant group.

Toll Free: 1-866-471-1108

Wine, Women and Song

Anita partners with Hilary Drummond for this powerful blend of reflection and engagement.  Bring your PJs and your best friend and be prepared to feel the joy of laughter, the power of shared wisdom, the energy of music and song, and take home strategies and an accountability process for lasting positive change that will enhance your life and your work.

In this workshop music is the catalyst for connecting with who we really are and who we want to become.  

Be prepared to:

  • Evaluate your current reality
  • Create your future state
  • And make a plan to live it!
Watch for specific dates!

Change in Mind Workshops...

Designed especially for organizations, groups and individuals facing major change.  Hilary Drummond and Anita Bakker use a values based focus in this workshop and combine a "coach approach" with an interactive, informative and engaging process to help take the first steps into the future with clarity and confidence.  You will be "mining" your own answers and will undoubtedly be surprised at the gems you'll find!  Turn words into action, ideas into reality and make a positive first step forward.

Results from participants in "Change in Mind" Workshops show an
overall increase of 68% in clarity and confidence in the decision making process and managing their change!

 Registration: $329.00 Per person  (+GST)
Call:  1-866-471-1108 or e-mail

Life Theatre LIVE!!!

The world is your stage and your life is LIVE!  We can help liven it up!
This is a perfect alternative to a "keynote", or an event to end a conference or convention.  It helps participants engage more of their learning with greater energy and effectiveness.
Anita Bakker and Tanya Swaren create an enlightening, energizing evening of “wonder” as they invite you to return to your childhood curiosity and take a fresh look at the world around us.
Sit back and watch or jump right in and join us as we explore the familiar in this exciting interactive theatre experience full of fun and surprises.
Instead of escaping from reality this is an event where you will take a fascinating journey through things we often miss in our busy, whirlwind world.  So come and recharge your batteries! 
For more information:  1-866-471-1108

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)  

  • Anita is qualified to administer the MBTI ® for use in one-on-one coaching,  group processes, team building and leadership development.


Personality Dimensions® Workshops for...

  • Team Building
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Employee Development
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Communication Skills Enhancement

These interactive workshops promote a self-discovery process with a specific focus to meet the needs of the participant group.  Here's what past participants have said about these programs:

"I gained insights into co-workers behaviors and a better understanding of why they do what they do - myself included!"

"Great fun while learning.  I appreciate the energy in your presentation."

"Great to learn how everyone can contribute to an effective team through communication and appreciation of each other...insightful!"

"Learned to honor my contributions more instead of focusing on my 'negatives'." 

"Realized co-workers strengths and how we can help each other."

"Gained a better understanding of how to maximize people's strengths as part of a team for greater achievement." had no idea I I "I had no idea how the evening would evolve and that it would be so interactive.  I can't think of anything that would make it better.  Way to go!"

"I felt this was one of the best, well-organized courses I've taken...thank you!"


Coaching One on One for...

  • Enhanced professional effectiveness
  • Career management
  • Relationship development
  • Major decision making
  • Leadership development
  • Personal mastery

Group Coaching/Facilitation for...

  • Team development
  • Self-directed learning plans
  • Personal/professional leadership development

These are "guided" coaching sessions for groups to build capacity through increased awareness of targeted focus, independent "field studies" of life and work circumstances, and evaluation, self-assessment and self-developed accountability action plans.